Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Today I was telling my sister a story about something that happened at work, and I realized that my mom has created a new catchphrase for my family.

I got to the part in my story where exactly what I didn't want to happen happens and you could tell it was going to happen because it was precisely what I told myself I didn't want to happen. As in, I was driving to work thinking I was glad that I did Action A because I didn't want Result B, and B ends up happening anyway. In other words - foreshadowing.

And to illustrate that, I say to my sister, "So, I bite into the egg and of course it was not chocolate."

Let's make this popular.

And if you have no clue what I am talking about, click here to read the funniest and possibly grossest story you'll hear this year. And just so you know I'm not being negligent, I'd tell you the story that I was telling my sister, but I think I finally found a topic that's not blog-appropriate! Ask me if you really want to know. Cause it is kind of funny.

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  1. I seem to bite into eggs that are not candy on a regular basis - ha!

    We're going to be saying this when we're 90 and our grandkids are not going to get it...


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