Tuesday, April 08, 2008


If you follow this blog closely, then you may know a few things about my bed and my sleep preference. Let's recap.

1. I looooove to sleep (especially now that I run so much, I feel like I earn my sleep).
2. I looooove my bed. It looks like a cloud and feels like one too.
3. Therefore, I love being in my bed even if I'm not sleeping - reading, TV, etc.
4. I sleep on my right side.
5. I am a very heavy sleeper when I am tired enough. When I'm not tired enough, I will wake up to loud birds, wind or worse - my mom's snoring.

Here's a new fact:
6. I am touchy/feely even in my sleep. How do I know?

I used to sleep in my sister's bed with her until I was in probably third grade. It's funny that we would be all over one another in the middle of the night, but during daylight, she was very protective of her personal space. In the last picture, I am twirling her hair.

Thanks for sharing your bed with me Sister! If you ever woke up to snoring, it wasn't me - it was Mom in the next room.


  1. as many "spend the nights" as we did, i don't recall you touching me...i know you are relieved. :)

  2. it kind of looks like ya'll are fighting in your sleep!

  3. Speaking of sleeping, did you hear on NPR this morning that you're more likely to avoid obesity the more you sleep? (In children, particularly).

    Very interesting - check it out.

    Study Links Lack of Sleep to Weight Gain in Babies

    P.S. - I know I'm a dork. You don't have to tell me.

    I miss my babies!! Ya'll look like siamese twins!

  5. Most mornings I wake up and your hand is on my butt. I guess there's no pictures of that.

  6. I wanna know who this anonymous poster is. Scandalous. You never know with Lindsay.


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