Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I had a great run Monday night! Yay! I have been really discouraged lately because of that one hard 9.5 mile run two weeks ago and then feeling wimpy on some small runs afterward. I think I hit my peak mental state early in March, when I was all pumped up and really ready for the half to get here, whereas now my frame of mind is let's just get this over with already! But, I have been encouraged to remain confident, and after my good run Monday (and hopefully another good one in a few hours) I am gaining that confidence back again.... proud now?

Also, on Saturday I will run my longest distance before the half. It will be anywhere from 10-12 miles. So, between now and Saturday, please please please send positive, encouraging, half-marathonesque thoughts my way, or at least direct them to my inbox. Pray for nice weather, pray for no mental blocks and pray for energy! I want to come out of this long run feeling awesome, so that my confidence will carry over into the next long run, which happens to be the half.

If any sweet friends and readers are coming to Nashville to cheer during the half-marathon, please let me know. I can try to help you find some lodging, where to watch the race, group dinner plans, etc. Also, I am deciding on an incentive for whomever brings the most clever sign. I think I have something in mind for a reward.... do you have something in mind with which to win it?

You see, funny signs are an acceptable cheering technique. An unacceptable technique: some of my friends from work were joking that they are going to bring stuff to hand off/toss to me during the race, such as a cat, a bowl of soup, a brick, etc. Not funny, guys! I told them to bring squirt guns instead, and they seemed to like that idea. You can douse me (just not in the eyes, please) as I run (trot...drag... limp...crawl) by. Whoops, there I go, not being confident again! Try to soak me as I FLY BY!

Funny signs, squirt guns, what else is there? I want this to be fun, fun, fun.


  1. what about logging, can you help us find that?

  2. Of course. There are plenty of logging opportunities around Nashville. While most of the logging close to downtown will be booked by now, there is plenty of logging on the outskirts of the city, including by the airport, where my family's logging arrangements have been made. If finding logging is all that's stopping you from coming, then we will find you a place to log for sure.

  3. yay linds. you're so close!!! i know you're getting so excited/nervous about the race. i know without a shadow of a doubt that you'll finish and feel great-in good time! hope your run this weekend is great- even if it's not "perfect" feeling to you, the real deal will be awesome. love you!

  4. I thought the only good logging was out in the Washington State area. However, when looking for loDging options in the city, ask the front desk where you can do some logging before Lindsay's race. Prepare to get wet. It's easy to fall off those things.

    Have a great day!
    Grammar A-hole

  5. Dear "Grammar A-hole",

    "Logging" was referring to a typo from another comment, which we are poking fun at now. Don't think for one second that two Journalism students from Auburn don't know how to spell "lodging."

    First comment since January, and it's not even a nice one. 'Preciate it! :)


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