Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Remember how I wrote a few months ago about the wonder that is Trader Joe's Edamame Hummus?

Trader Joe's has done it again. I can't go in there without seeing something else that piques my curiousity to the point of purchase.

Last night, I took home a Blue Cheese and Smoked Pecan dip, which is just as great as it sounds. It's more of a spread. The lady that rang me up recommended I try it on celery, which I might do.

I also tried a basil-pesto pizza on homemade ciabatta bread which was slap-your-grandma good. Fresh tomatoes and shaved parmesean cheese on top? I die!

Birmingham, you really should rally together and get a Trader Joe's. You can't let us and Atlanta have all the fun.


  1. I actually heard we may be getting one! YAY! I was so sad when you raved about the hummus and I couldn't partake.

  2. Here in Charlotte, I am loving Trader Joes. I have yet to be disappointed by any of their products.

  3. Have you tried their wine? I had some the other night and it was quite enjoyable.

  4. Ok...this is when I chant, "I love Auburn" and start a list: Ummm...I don't have to travel to watch the eagle fly. I never wait through a light more than one change, unless it's a game weekend. I hear the fight song every day at noon. We have a great school system for my kids, and it's free. Ok...I feel better, but I'm still kinda jealous! Bring me some of that awesome dip, and you have a free place to stay in Auburn. (You can stay with us anyway.)

  5. Have I had their wine?!

    Hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha. Funny question. You were kidding, right? No? Oh. Oops.

    Yes, I have had it. By the case, in fact.

  6. I'm pathetic. I have one 5 blocks away and I've never set foot in it, even though I keep meaning to.


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