Thursday, July 16, 2009


Congrats to five of my favorite stars on their freshly-announced Emmy nominations:

*Justin Timberlake for his guest appearances on SNL as well as his original lyrics for “Mother Lover”
*Jennifer Aniston for her guest appearance on 30 Rock
*Tina Fey for her guest appearances as Sarah Palin on SNL
*Amy Poehler for her supporting actress work on SNL
*Kristin Chenoweth for her supporting actress work on Pushing Daisies

Too bad four of these are in the same two categories. Who will win?! I look forward to finding out. Were any of your favorite shows/actors/actresses/reality TV show hosts/cinematographers/make-up artists/costumers/lighting directors/casting directors/sound mixers nominated?


  1. I love Kristin Chenoweth and am ready her book at your recommendation! I really hope she wins. She seems so down to earth. I think she and I could easily be BFF.

  2. LOVE Kristin could you not considering she is the MOST AMAZING character in Wicked that has ever been on that stage. Following this blogs for years Lindsay...glad to finally follow as a blogger (not just a blog-stalker)!


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