Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Caylen “scrapped” me. I don’t know what that means but I am 75% sure it means I have to tell you 10 things about myself which begs the question: ARE there 10 things about myself that you people don’t already know? We’ll find out:

1. My favorite ice cream is Moose Tracks. I. LOVE. MOOSE. TRACKS. When I was in Junior Miss, my host mom had for me my very own carton of Moose Tracks to come home to. What a host mom!

2. I usually sneeze in threes. Occasionally not, but almost always, I sneeze in threes.

3. I didn’t wear a bra to work yesterday. TMI? Don’t worry - my sundress/nightgown had one built in. No worries!

4. Our bunko theme for July is formal dresses – even though I will have a litter of bridesmaids dresses to pick from, there isn’t a prize for best costume.

5. I can’t wait to go to the beach again in August with C’s family!

6. I really miss having a cat. Really really.

7. My favorite character in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was Judy Witwicky (the mom).

8. Seriously, was number 3 TMI?

9. I am pleased that more of my friends have joined Twitter – it’s the new text messaging!

10. Hope this makes you laugh, cause it made me HOWL.


  1. I just finished off our carton of Moose Tracks last night. And there was more in the carton than needed to be finished off in one sitting :) I love it too! And we have it in our freezer 95% of the time!

  2. # 3 is my fav. You are way gutsy-er than I as I dont think I could ever go out in public like that!! -built in bra or not!!

  3. you can borrow funky anytime...i'm leaving tomorrow until monday so you are more than welcome to play with her! (and use the pool, of course)....and just so you know, i've never had moose tracks...maybe that'll be on my menu tonight...

  4. You need to get a cat!! They are the best. (Kate, Funky will be lonely this weekend, you should take her to the festival)

  5. I miss having my foster cat, Vanna White, but I don't miss the litter box or scratched couch. (sigh).


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