Friday, July 10, 2009


Good lord, what happened to the Friday Five? Man, that went wayside, didn’t it? Let’s see if I can revive it.

1. Yesterday after work, I bolted to the pool to get some sun in. C met me there with Thing 1 and Thing 2. While we were swimming with them in the little pool, this boy comes up to us and starts chatting. In a span of ten minutes, three-year-old Will tells us that his favorite Taylor Swift song is “she wears short skirts I wear T shirts” (he sang it to us, mind you), that his favorite movies are the Little Mermaid and Wall•e and his favorite part in Wall•e is when he puts the “boobie holder” on his eyes, and then he burst into giggles and announced “I just tooted in the water!” I promise I have never swam as fast as I did swimming away from THAT. I was across that baby pool in .04 seconds. After the Wall•e thing, C repeated “boobie holder?!” to him and Will replied “yeah, it’s a thing that goes here and covers up boobies.” All the while his mother sat six feet away, reading her book, while her child said “boobies” more times than she looked up. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

2. Before they got there, I read some of my latest library book, Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster. Good book, if you need one to read!

3. Speaking of NEEDING things, Katelyn needs to hurry up and get here. Obviously I am ready to meet her and I hear Kathryn is, too. Hang in there, cabbage!

4. Have you all heard of I am OBSESSED with it. I was horrible about tracking my spending (read: didn’t) until I joined this site. Now I am nearly anal-retentive about splitting my charges, seeing where my dollars go, etc. Life-changing is a strong word, but this site has been VERY helpful. My favorite feature is how it automatically categorizes everything for you. I don’t have to enter "restaurant" or "rent" or "utilities" or "entertainment" every time – it knows what’s what and does it for you. Of course sometimes it messes up (for instance MAPCO is gas, not groceries) but you correct it once and it will remember forever. My other favorite feature is how you can split charges. For instance, my last trip to Kroger, I bought some groceries, the Ped Egg, and also got $10 in cash. I waited for the charges to come through Mint and then went in and split the charge up - $25 to groceries, $10 to Makeup/Toiletries for the Ped Egg and the remaining $10 I marked as cash/ATM. They recommend that as I spend that $10, I go back and change cash/ATM label to fast food whatever I spent it on. If I’m being honest, I have always been semi-scared to deal with finances. Most people have that conversation and get that locked down when they get married, so I clearly haven’t had that talk with anyone. And I think not having anyone to hold me accountable or responsible hurt me. I mean, I'm not denying it's my fault. Nor am I living on Ramen. I’m just saying this program helps me see where my dollars go, charts and all.

5. Two of my coworkers and I went to lunch. We stopped at a pet store next door to the restaurant. I held a kitten from every cage in the store. They were so cute! Did I mention I really want one?


  1. Good for you with the finance stuff. It's overwhelming but OH so important long term!

  2. is awesome. I always dread the emails from them around the 3rd week of the month because they all say I've exceeded one of my budgets. oh well.

  3. PLEASE pray... I know she needs to hurry up but I just went to the doctor and it looks like she is pretty comfortable in there. Probably won't come till her due date and maybe even a little after. PRAY PRAY PRAY that she gets uncomfortable cause I'm ready to meet her too!!

  4. I had I liked it, and it did put a lot of it in perspective. I started freaking out that they were tracking my spending and selling information about me so I quit it. It is a cool feature.

    My AMEX does something similar. AHH, I hate looking at it.

  5. I am obsessed with, and you need to get a kitten. They're very low maintenance and so fun. DO IT!

  6. Dear Author !
    Precisely, you are right


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