Tuesday, July 28, 2009


*Have you tried Yoplait’s blackberry-pomegranate yogurt? It’s so stinking good.

*My CHI is on the outs. Let’s have a moment of silence for the faithful flat iron. I am not kidding when I say just a few months ago, the thought crossed my mind that my Chi would probably outlast all the other appliances I own – iPod, phone, etc. I am about to be proven wrong. Recently it’s started shorting out and depending on which way the cord was rotated, turning itself off. It went from being mostly on with a quick blink off to mostly off with a quick blink on, unless it is sitting still on the counter. I tried whacking it against the counter (cracked it) and holding the cord in place. Neither worked very well, so I’m going to keep using it until it dies in my hand. Then I’ll replace it. C’s sister-in-law, being the talented aesthetician that she is, can get me another one at cost but all she has in stock right now is Paul Mitchell – do any of you own one of his flat irons? She said it’s just like a Chi. Thoughts?

*Does anyone have any suggestion for things to do/see when I go to visit my sister in DC? I have been on the public White House tour, seen the museums, etc. I know a few of you live/used to live in the DC area, so any suggestions for activities that are off the beaten path are welcome.

*I am so sick of the previews for More to Love.

*I am glad the Bachelorette is over. What was I doing, watching that show? I should have come to my senses the minute Ed whipped out that tank top. Don’t they have wardrobe stylists on that show? Everyone else seemed to manage but Ed. Honestly - if he wasn’t in a coat and tie, all bets were off as to what he’d show up in.

*I really like this picture of Katie and me but I forgot to include it in her birthday post.


  1. I strongly recommend the DC by Foot monument tour. It's free. www.dcbyfoot.com.

  2. My CHI broke about a year ago and the place where I bought it from (Trade Secret) replaced it with no questions asked. I didn't have a receipt or anything!!! I think you can also send it to Farouk Systems and they will fix it. Good luck!! P.S. Sorry about the weather at the beach...if you are going to the Destin area go check out Pier Park in Panama City...lots of fun!!

  3. My favorite Ed moment last night was definitely the bathing suit...what was that??!! Basketball shorts from the 80s??!!

  4. Yes, you can have your CHI replaced at no cost by the company.


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