Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last night was bunko. What a fun night. I LOVE my bunko group!

As you remember, the theme was bridesmaids. I should have had six dresses to choose from – three black, one brown, one lilac and one periwinkle. Just a small hitch – all of those dresses took the long trip home last fall when I moved into my new apartment. I had kept a few of them up here for just such an occasion, until I ran out of room in my closet and sent them to live with my mom. So I was dressless. I asked some girls at work if they had any but they’d sold them or loaned them out. And I certainly wasn’t going to spend any money on another bridesmaid dress I didn’t have to wear. So I found a black and white dress tucked deep in my closet, threw it on and hit the road.

We had a blast. This month’s hostess went all out. I was tied with two other girls for the most bunkos of the night (we each had two). We had a roll off and I lost. But I was holding the passed prize for getting an On the Town when the last game ended so I got to keep it – a $15 Starbucks gift card.

Here are the two photos of the lovely bunko bridesmaids. If there had been a prize for best costume, I feel that it would have gone to Jessie, who ordered that red lace catastrophe off of eBay for $10, or MB whose dress (which was sequined and bedazzled on the front and on the back down the train) is not fully shown in the picture but was pretty heinous. Especially since she actually wore it - with long black gloves - in a wedding.

Next month’s theme is Flappers and Gangsters!

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