Tuesday, July 03, 2012


One of the best discoveries I have made in my eating overhaul is natural peanut butter. Have you made the switch yet?

Here's what you do. Go to the store. Pick up all the peanut butter jars until you find one that looks like this:

Ingredients: Peanuts.

No sugar, no salt, no nothing except peanuts. You'll know you're warm when you grab a jar with oil in the top.

The first jar I bought came from Harris Teeter and it was called Crazy Richard's. It was yummy, but harder to mix up than the jars I tried later. There would be whole thick chunks, and then the last of the jar was super thin/oily. I'm sure it was user error. Maybe I should have read the stirring guide FAQ in the FAQ part of their web site in more detail...

So when that was gone, I got some Trader Joe's. It was yummy too. But not everyone has a Trader Joe's, so here's what I recommend:

Smucker's Natural. The folks behind Eat This, Not That recommend it too.

I'm not kidding you or exaggerating at all when I say that second to bedtime, the next best part of my day is around 3 pm when I get my snack of peanut butter and carrots. SIDEBAR: IS THAT A WEIRD SNACK? So many people have commented that they have never heard of eating carrots and PB together! I am genuinely surprised at their genuine surprise. I know I didn't invent this. Am I the only one who does this on the reg? Anyway, I count the hours from lunch until "peanut butter carrot time," which is what I sing every day to the tune of the peanut butter jelly time song from the days of AOL. Depending on the day, I might even do the dance too.

True story: this weekend, I ran out of PB and wasn't going to the store to get more. I decided to eat some of the regular Jif that was sitting in my cabinet and COULD HARDLY STAND IT. The stuff is so full of sugar and I tasted that sugar more than ever. Yuck.

Make the switch. You will be able to tell the difference and then a month from now, try some old PB and you'll be amazed you ever enjoyed it in the first place.


  1. I love carrots and peanut butter! My other go to snacks are carrots and almond butter, and carrots and guacamole- the 100 calorie Wholly Guacamole packs...delish!

  2. I love carrots and PB. I'm also a big fan of apples/PB or with celery! Yum!

  3. I'm a PB and apple fan, but I'm going to pick up some carrots at the store and give it a try. We also eat the all natural peanut butter. Reese loves it!


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