Sunday, July 01, 2012


When I moved into my new condo, I began a quest for a new couch.

I have been ready for a bigger couch since about the third or fourth day after I got my old coworker to drive me to Gallatin in his giant truck and help me get this loveseat. I got it in the old apartment and without an inch to spare, it took up the entire length of the wall. It got the job done in terms of a place to sit but for more than one person, it was not much fun. It was almost more comfortable to sit on top of someone than next to them (and clearly more fun):

So, when I knew I was moving, I began thinking about the first thing I would buy (after a washer and dryer, that is) and I knew it would be a couch. I started looking and looking. I tried to determine what "my" couch needed to look like. Was it skirted? Was it trimmed in nailhead? Was it a pattern or a solid color? Was it linen? Was it brushed cotton? Was it microsuede? I took mental notes of what the different couches in rooms that I had pinned on Pinterest had in common. The rooms had a common theme but I couldn't put my finger on what the running theme of the couches was so I wasn't sure what I wanted... I until I saw it:

Hello, lover.

I don't have kids. I don't have pets. I can handle a white couch, especially one this pretty, and with the seven-year protection plan, even if I do get kids or pets before 2019, I'm set (LORD I hope that's the case). I have visited the couch twice in person and it is just as gorgeous in real life as it is in pictures. And after waiting and pricing and continuing to look, four months later, guess what has gone on sale? My couch!

So today, after weeks of searching and saving, I marched into Macy's and made my third largest purchase behind a car and a laptop computer. Why do big purchases give me hives?! Oh well. Ready or not, she'll be here July 24.

Now. Would anyone like to buy a loveseat?


  1. So fun! Still waiting on pictures of the apartment... Maybe a little v-log tour.

  2. Love it! Come decorate my house for me peese!


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