Saturday, July 21, 2012


This might be the vainest, dumbest thing I have ever posted. A makeup tutorial. What am I, eighteen?

Anyway, several nights ago I stumbled across this on Pinterest and ladies, I gotta tell you: it changed the way I do my makeup.

Never would have thought to do that with my concealer. I've managed to pull off something similar with Bare Minerals, so don't be afraid to try it with what you have at home. Also, don't overlook the part about using a card or envelope or "sachet." It makes a difference!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled complaining and calamity.


  1. Totally rocked it to church this morning.

  2. This made me really excited...which might make me vain or dumb. But, I'm ok with that on a Monday. Can't wait to try with Bare Minerals!

    1. Thank you for your support on Bare minerals.
      Regards, John smith


Oh goody!

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