Sunday, July 08, 2012



-Maroon 5's new album Overexposed is the perfect pool album... or car album... or cleaning up your house album... or summer album... whatever. It's a break up album, so there's that, but it' very good. Being reviewed as their best album so far. Go listen.

-Speaking of pools, I always thought that thing about sunscreen going bad and not working was an old wives tale until yesterday. It looks like I didn't put any on at all. Thanks a lot, Coppertone.

-Hector is bring a new dryer tomorrow and Brad will be here to supervise. Cross your fingers this one works. I wanted him to come today but, I QUOTE: "I don't work on Sundays." ARGHHHHH.

-I had three dates in two days this weekend! So what if I had to change all of their diapers at various points in the date? My little buddies are sweet as pie!

-This is the last of my lazy summer weekends. All but one from now until Labor Day, I have company or am going somewhere! And then it will be FOOTBALL SEASON! Sing it with me: "PRAAAAISE YEEEEE THE LORD!"

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  1. My boys are smitten with you. Give 'em 20 years and you can have your pick of either one. :)


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