Saturday, January 13, 2018


Well, my first week back at work/my son's first week at school has come and gone and ended quite dramatically: our first snow day! Indeed, parading across the bottom of the TV screen alongside classics like Grandmama's House of Tiny Town and Linda's Little Lambs (both real places) was our daycare, signaling that at least two of us would be staying in our pajamas yesterday. Partner that with being off work Monday and hello, four-day weekend!

We all survived our first week in our new normal, but if nightly intake of ice cream is any indication, my son is definitely handling the transition better than me. Speaking of ice cream, allow me to go on record here: Breyer's chocolate peanut butter ice cream is THE BEST ice cream in the history of ice cream. I should know, I tried them ALL while pregnant. Twice. But once I entered into this frozen nirvana I never went back. It can't be beat. Try it and tell me I'm wrong, I dare you. I don't even care if other ice creams are BOGO at Publix; I'll still buy this one and it'll be the best $5.49 I'll spend all week.

But back to the subject at hand. I cried and moaned and whined really hard before AND after this week dawned. But we're making it work. The days pass much quicker when you are pumping 3x a day, so I'm grateful for that. And anyone who knows me understands that predictability and structure are some of my favorite things, so while maternity leave may be over, at least I am back in my comfort zone of routine and order. The days may start earlier than they used to, but they start so much sweeter when bags are packed, lunches are made and dinner is planned.

I am really fortunate that my son is a very happy, very easy-going, very laid-back, very chill baby. I'm completely aware - and after that last paragraph, so are you - that he gets 100% of that from my husband. My greatest fear is that daycare is going to change that about him. Going from 1 of 1 to 1 of 8 has to be rough. What will that mean as far as expressing his needs and wants? It'd be one thing if he was already high maintenance when we dropped him off. But he's so sweet and happy. Yesterday his teacher said he was "cheerful" and I started to cry. I hope he stays cheerful, no matter what his circumstance, at daycare or beyond.

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