Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Now that I am back at work and having to pump milk 3x while I'm there, I am committed to eating healthy, protein-filled snacks and meals while I am there. Don't get it twisted: I have a bowl of ice cream every night. But at work, I try to eat healthy in order to keep my milk supply up and have to consciously plan ahead in order to do so. Time is of the essence, so the easier it is to grab it from the fridge and go, the better.

I'm aware that pasta is not known for its nutritional value, but it's cheap and we happen to have a lot of it stocked up. So last week, I made a veggie pasta salad to take with me to eat along side my deli chicken and I REALLY liked having something semi-cooked to go along with plain slices of deli meat right out of the bag. So much so, I made another kind to eat this week and both recipes are winners. This might be my new weekly tradition. Because if there's one thing I need more of in my life, it's definitely pasta.

Last week, I made this Balsamic Roasted Veggie and White Bean Pasta from SkinnyTaste. What drew me in was the white beans. I love them but I would have never thought to put those in a pasta salad. As far as beans go, they have a decent amount of protein. I left out some of most of the vegetables (tomato, onion, mushrooms and peppers), but when I make this again, I will probably add shelled edamame (which have more protein than white beans actually). And possibly feta cheese. When it's not snowing outside and we can get to our grill, I might add some grilled chicken to this and skip the deli meat altogether.

This week, I made Edamame Pasta Salad, a recipe I found in my most recent Real Simple magazine. I do love arugula but I skipped it ONLY because I knew I'd be eating this for the span of a week and didn't want it to get gross. We squeezed the lemon wedges into the vinaigrette instead of as a finisher at the end. We had to look hard for shelled edamame, it's mostly sold in the pod, but we found it. I will add white beans and/or asparagus to this too next time I make it, and most likely some bacon. This would be amazing with bacon.

My other protein snacks: Justin's peanut butter packs (I eat it on a rice cake) and sheepishly, Rx bars. I was hesitant to get hooked on these because of their price, but I decided I'd rather skip something else and have a good snack to grab.

What are your healthy snack go-tos?

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