Wednesday, February 05, 2014


I miss California. A month ago today, we were Pasadena-via-Vegas bound. I was SO SMUG that we had missed the worst weather of the winter. Surely it wouldn't get into single digits again! Oh how wrong I was.

Someone in this photo (not me) has watched the SEC championship game 6 times (5 on TV, once in person). A month later and neither of us have been able to watch the BCS game again.

I'm glad that I went, though. I swore up and down after Glendale that when the next one rolled around, I would not miss it if at all humanly possible. Plus, with the changes to the system taking place next year, getting into the title game will be a mad, expensive dash.

The loss stung but all in all, we had a fun trip! War Eagle!


  1. So happy you are blogging again. What a game! I have never in my life been so stressed out...but never been more proud of my Seminoles. Auburn did play a great game too :)

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