Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I didn't mean to let almost the entire month of April go by without blogging. I have been in a pattern of BUSY. But some fun things have happened along the way!

In Style magazine released their Best Beauty Buys for the year and I was THRILLED that this was on the list. I feel like every woman out there spends the majority of their life hating their hairdryer. Am I alone? So far I have loved having this one and I am hopeful that it will hold up longer than twelve months, which seems to be about the max lifespan for a hairdryer in my household.

Totally unrelated but speaking of products I love, I use these little snack tubs from the Container Store all the time. I used to put peanut butter in them for my afternoon snack of PB and carrots (TRY IT). I put my oil and vinegar dressing in them and stick it in my salad until lunch. The other day I put cheese cubes in one. I use them ALL the time. But picture this: I was walking up the hill to my car, toting a bag FULL of empty tupperware from my week at work. The bag had actually ripped so I was basically balancing this tower of tupperware in my arms. Well along came a gust of wind and POOF: two of those empty little cups became airborne. I was DEVASTATED. I was going to chase them down the hill but one went to one side of the road and the other one went to the other. Merrily they rolled along, down the hill toward the bars of Broadway. I mean I was heartbroken. So, I will be making a trip to the Container Store in the near future to replace them; let me know if I can get some for you!

I coordinated a friend's wedding this weekend. I won a bet against the photographer as to what kind of cheese was on the buffet. Don't try me and cheese. I knew it was goat cheese but I couldn't figure out what was coating it. Turns out, it's a vanilla-soaked blueberry crusted goat cheese that comes from Trader Joe's. It was every bit as good as it sounds. I'll be making a trip there too when I go to the Container Store soon so once again, let me know if I can get some for you too!

I caught the bouquet at that wedding which brings me to my next topic: Matthew is doing great! Neither my despondency over lost tupperware nor love affair with goat cheese has run him off. The other day we got lost on our way to a state park and it was the best lost I've ever been, just driving around with nowhere to be.

On Sunday I celebrated my one year anniversary of being in my condo. I still love where I live and am happy to host a guest at any time!

Last but not least, if you like pizza and have not been to DeSano pizza here in town, you are MISSING OUT. Best pizza in Nashville and it's BYOB, as in, we'll provide cups and a corkscrew and there's no corkage fee so please just come right on in with your wine. They have these long communal tables so it's great for groups; in fact, the night we went, it looked like an entire pledge class plus dates were having their dinner before spring formal. I recommend the DeSano: so good it got the banner name. The cannoli is also divine. I wish they had a patio for the warm months ahead.

So there you have it: I haven't blogged because I've been crying over my tupperware and stuffing my face with pizza and driving around middle Tennessee with Matthew. Can you blame me?


  1. Put me down for one vanilla soaked blueberry encrusted goat cheese please!Deliver to beach in June!--MOM

  2. I would love those little containers and a visit to your condo.


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