Monday, April 01, 2013


Happy April! Did March FLY by or what?

I had a busy weekend! Since I was off for Good Friday, I headed to Alabama to spend the night with my favorite little buddy and his mom and dad. It had been a whole month since I had seen him and he had the perfect trick ready to show off for me: walking! Angel baby has grown up so much and I can't believe how adorable he is. We took him to see the Easter Bunny, which meant I got to see him in his precious Easter outfit. It was a quick visit but a great visit.

The only reason I didn't go home for Easter this year was because a while back, I bought tickets to see Seth Meyers, Head Writer of SNL and current anchor of Weekend Update. I was so torn between spending Easter with my family and not missing the sarcastic enthrallings of Mr. Meyers. But, Seth won. The consequence to that decision was that if I couldn't be with my real family, I wanted to spend the day with lots of people that are like family. So, I organized a semi-last minute potluck lunch at my house for some friends and was thrilled to be invited to Easter supper with Matthew's family. Which meant before a fun night out on Saturday, there was a few hours of this:

Nothing says Easter like my grandmom's delicious, mouth-watering strawberry pie:

And Alton Brown mac and cheese:

And with all that cooking, there was also a few hours of cleaning and dish washing!

So, all of that house work and prep, I shined myself up and had a delicious dinner with this guy

before heading downtown and laughing our fannies off at the show. Funny, funny, funny stuff. I was thrilled that Seth talked a little about SNL, which was just enough for me.

I spent Easter at church with Matthew's family, and then we headed back to my house to host my friends.

Evan surprised us with baby bunnies again, much to everyone's delight!

And Jay surprised us by wearing these socks:

We had time to clean up the kitchen, sit down for an hour and then it was off to Matthew's grandma's house, where I had the pleasure of meeting more of his family and sitting by his side all night. I tried to learn how to play Rook but I knew enough to quit while I was ahead: they are competitive card players so I was happy just to watch and learn.

So while I definitely missed my own family this Easter, between the bunnies, the food, the friends, the laughter and the love I shared all day long, it was as close to perfect as an Easter could be. Hope your day was egg-cellent too!

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