Monday, March 25, 2013


Boy, does time fly when you're having fun. I haven't done a mass photo drop since I got this phone, but I suppose I should!

To celebrate Matthew's birthday, we both took a vacation day and drove to Burgess Falls, about 90 minutes from Nashville. We hiked (and I am using that word VERY loosely - I was in jeans and sandals) and ate a little picnic lunch on the trail. The Falls were so pretty and the weather was PERFECT. Afterward, we visited a winery that we kept seeing signs for. We tasted everything they had and ended up taking home a few bottles.

That very evening, I had plans for a little 9 to 5 reunion to see the theater's next production, which starred/featured a few of our 9 to 5ers. It was so fun to see everyone and catch up!

The next day, we went to a St. Patrick's Day festival in East Nashville. Between the food trucks and more of that amazing weather, it was a lovely afternoon. Green earrings should be enough to keep you from getting pinched, but APPARENTLY that depends on who is doing the pinching:

On actual St. Patrick's Day, we forwent green beer and decided to make a pesto pizza. Eat your heart out: this thing was DELICIOUS. Pesto, roasted grape tomatoes, arugula and oh yes: goat cheese. Looooots of goat cheese. I didn't know whether to eat it, or lay down on it and die:

You'll notice a theme here: the man can cook. When he's around, my contributions top out at keeping wine glasses full, chopping a vegetable or stirring a pot. Meanwhile, he's gone and made a meal so good I could cry. In this particular case, he marinated a pork loin in some of the blackberry wine we brought home from our day trip to the winery, then topped it with a blackberry wine reduction sauce. Don't miss that little buttered baguette on the side! Doesn't this look like something you'd get at a restaurant?

Someone is a big hockey fan, so we went to a Predators game last week. I'll happily wear a Preds shirt because I've already seen him in an Auburn shirt and it's not even football season! Win, win. And speaking of winning, I must be a good luck charm because they finally won!

After a long Friday, this is all I wanted to do. Can you guess which purchase was for me and which was for him? No, I am not above bribery.

On Saturday, I had a date with the other man in my life. I was his guest at a very sweet wedding of a friend of his I've met a few times. We had so much fun. Can you tell?

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