Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The only thing keeping me from being too sad that 9 to 5 was ending was having a jam packed February to look forward to. I had back-to-back plans on the calendar before I had even auditioned for the show! No rest for me!

Two Fridays ago, some of the bunko girls and I headed east for a weekend in in the mountains. My friend Jamie had bid on the weekend getaway in an auction and we all split the cost. My packing list looked something like this: pajamas, board games, magazines, chocolate cake, red wine. No makeup, no "nice" clothes, no worries!

We had a great time catching up, resting and enjoying each other's company! Between our own contributions and the homemade dinner that was included in the auction package we were splitting, we certainly didn't go hungry.

On Saturday morning, we took a little two mile hike through the woods and back. Look what awaited us:

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