Wednesday, January 02, 2013


From obsessing over one musical, to learning the another. 9 to 5 opens two weeks from tomorrow!

Our last practice before Christmas was Thursday the 20th. We were off Friday through Tuesday and resumed this past Wednesday the 26th. I was grateful to have some time over Christmas to ride in a car instead of driving so that I could work on my lines!

Before Christmas, we got the opening number ("9 to 5") choreographed and then after Christmas we finished up the second song. I don't do any dancing (YET!) but I do sing a good bit in the first song and do most of the singing in the second song called "Around Here," where I show the new employee Judy around the office.

This past Friday night, we blocked the whole first act, learning our entrances and exits and where to stand and what to do. Saturday was spent working on music, music, music. There are a lot of parts and harmonies to be learned, so it's been challenging to make it through some of the four and five part numbers!

We resume practice tonight and from now through opening weekend, I will be at the theater for an extended period of time every single day. MLK Day will be my first break, so it's an added bonus that I am off work that day as well!

We were told last Thursday that we needed to be "off book" by tonight, which means we need to have our lines memorized. Which meant in the rare moments I wasn't listening to Les Mis this weekend, I was learning my script. It's not as hard as you'd think, I just can't be doing something else at the same time, like watching bowl games or listening to Les Mis or ringing in the new year. Today at lunch, my friend Rachel and took our lunches downstairs and she read through some scenes with me.

Even with the hectic schedule I'm facing and the hard work we've put in so far, I am having a ball! Who is coming to see the show??

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