Thursday, January 17, 2013


You guys! It's here! After weeks and nights and hours of rehearsing ourselves silly, it's finally here.

The best thing I can come up with to compare what this feels like is the week of cheerleading tryouts... over and over and over again. Any of you remember those? Insane days filled with stress, followed by a clinic where you learn the material then you go home and practice it and do your homework then repeat the same thing the next day. Everyone’s nervous, everyone’s tense, someone is talking about someone else, someone is better than you, someone looks cuter in those navy shorts than you do, someone’s job is to gently or not so gently tell you what you are messing up on, etc.

In short, it’s stressful.

By Sunday, we had our costumes and did our first “dress rehearsal." On Monday, we got our mics on and the band was there and we had lights and everything. It started to feel very real on Monday. I was ready to do it again and needed the practice, so I was looking forward to Tuesday. Then Nashville got hit with an “ice storm” and rehearsal was cancelled.

Last night was our invited dress rehearsal so while it was great to finally have an audience there, we were short one practice, which we needed. But, everything went really well in light of that and we are all ready.

AND TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! I am so excited.

There were some photographs made at dress rehearsal last night (credit Two Sisters Photography).

Doesn't it look like a FUN SHOW? It's not too late to buy your tickets!!


  1. Go Lindsay! Break a leg! We love you!

  2. Woo hoo! You look so beautiful and like you've been doing it forever! I am SO sad to miss- will there be a tape or anything?!!?

  3. How exciting!! I hope I get to see a few You Tube clips!!


Oh goody!

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