Monday, January 07, 2013


TV, TV, on the chest?
Whose new TV is the best?

Mirror, mirror, that is my wall,
Whose TV is best of all?


Last night my friend and coworker Chris came over to play TV. By play TV, I mean put together the new TV, fiddle with the cables, move the old one, set it up and get it all tidy. When I was contemplating my purchase, he was at my desk telling me about things like resolution and refresh rates and other HDTV things I didn't know much about. I had done a little research, but it was nice to have a second (and unarguably more informed) opinion. Guys and TVs... I'm telling you. He also introduced me to, which is a place to get cheap cables for your electronics. Apparently it's the Pinterest of the male population.

The fact that I have had a brand new LED TV sitting on my floor, in the box, since Tuesday and did not tamper with it until last night should give you a clear glimpse into my world. He showed up ready to go, toolbox in hand. After a quick tour, he set to work on the TV while I finished up dinner (of course there was a tradeoff involved).

He was wrapping up the assembly and hard part right around the time dinner was ready, so we stopped to eat, then it was time to hook everything up! NIGHT AND DAY, I tell you. Chris kept saying things like the casing is really nice and it's lightweight and blah blah blah: forget that! I was SO IMPRESSED with how big and clear and bright it is!

We put the little TV into my bedroom but I have a small bit of work to do if I want to watch TV in there. I am going to get another cheap DVD player eventually, but I also had to order something called a digital adapter from Complicatedcast so that I can get any channels. It's only $2 more a month so I don't think that's too outrageous.

I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I decided to see what it would look like if we swip-swapped the TV and the boxes. Turns out, I like that better! Then I decided to see if we could get all the cables off the floor. I hate looking at my beautiful dresser from Evan and seeing all those wires stuck under it. Leave it to a man to figure out how to fix that: two small nails on the back of the unit and the surge protector is off the floor, taking all the cables with it. Terrible picture, beautiful sight:

The last piece of the puzzle is that drawer that's missing: when Evan was refinishing the unit some that time ago, that drawer pulled a Humpty Dumpty and nose-dived off his deck. So, I've had the drawer front sitting there, but no drawer behind it. My mom's handy dandy boyfriend took it with him last time he was here, and is building me a drawer to go with it. So soon I will have that back, and my new TV, and then I'll be ready to go!

I am excited that all of these little upgrades will be ready before my house turns into a bed and breakfast during 9 to 5! It's so much fun decorating a home then filling it with friends and family!

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  1. It looks so good! We had to get one of those boxes from Comcast as well when we moved into our apartment. We waited two weeks and I finally went to their office and picked it up.. so much easier then waiting.


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