Sunday, December 02, 2012


I have been working on this Christmas list long and hard. My family has asked for ideas and here they are; some big, some small. I think I thought too long and too hard about this.

First up: an iPhone. I am still sorting through the logistics of this, since my current wireless provider does not carry iPhones, but I can tell you that I Am Done with a capital D with my Blackberry. To switch would mean paying a little more each month, but to buy an unlocked iPhone would mean paying a lot right now. My contract is up mid-January so I have little while to decide/see if T-Mobile has any exciting plans for the new year. Either way, it's coming.

I think this would look great in my condo. I didn't get the original but no use crying over spilled milk. This one is cute enough for me.

I've decided I need more candles in my life. I love the piney one I burn at Christmas. This gorgeous candle from Anthropologie would look great on my coffee table. Plus, it burns for 70 hours, so it could come in handy should Nashville have a blackout. And it smells great too!

I think I found a rug. It's not colorful like you might expect but I just can't commit to that much color for something like a rug. A nice jute one will frame my living room and establish a clean palate onto which I can throw color, color, color in the form of things that are much more easily returned if I don't like them. I have a sample of this rug in my living room right now and have gotten multiple opinions on it. I think I want to pull the trigger.

Speaking of my bedroom, it's time to spend some time and effort in there. My bed is on such stilts that it's been hard to find a nightstand that doesn't look puny next to it. I think I have settled on this. Is mirrored furniture a fad?

And while it seems frivilous for one person to have two televisions, I want to move my current 20" television into my bedroom and put a new, 32" or bigger one in my living room. So a new TV is also on the list. I'm expecting my man card to arrive in the mail anyday.

I LOVED laying in my pool this summer and reading magazine after magazine. I would love to receive Self or Lucky magazine. This is assuming my sister receives her annual gift of a People subscription from her mother-in-law and I can catch up on back issues when I go home.

And lastly, a little hometown love. "Keys to Music City is the brainchild of renowned singer-songwriter Ben Folds, one of many musicians who lost instruments and other equipment after a devastating flood swept through Nashville in 2010. Folds decided to turn a negative into a positive by salvaging and autographing keys from his flood-ravaged piano to initiate a campaign benefiting the Nashville Symphony. Those piano keys sold out in record time, and now Folds has enlisted some of his friends to help out with this innovative fund-raising idea." For a limited time, they are selling autographed piano key for a donation of $88. All funds raised will go to the Nashville Symphony’s Annual Campaign, which supports the orchestra’s artistic and educational programs. Working for a nonprofit myself, I can get on board with that. PLUS, guess which powerhouse vocalist has signed keys this year? I'll give you a few hints: I saw her in concert this year, you might know her from Wicked and she's only slightly bigger than the piano key itself.

All things considered, I already got the greatest gift ever on Valentine's Day. And, in honor of the amazing year I have had, I went bought myself a little something fun. So even if all I get in my stocking is coal, I would still be a very happy camper. I am pretty blessed.

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