Sunday, December 16, 2012


What a whirlwind week. I have been floored and overwhelmed and very grateful at how excited everyone is for my new little adventure. My kind coworkers surprised me and got a cake to celebrate. If you look closely, you can see some happy tears in my eyes. I was also pretty stressed out that day so there might be some emotional release tears in there as well:

Those kind cake-bearing folks are among those buying tickets already. It feels like Junior Miss all over again, with so many friends and family e-mailing and texting about making plans to come up. Let me just say, Nashville is a super fun city. Anyone considering coming up should plan a January/February getaway to come see Music City. You can get great deals on hotels at that time of year and the musical can be but one stop on your merry tour.

Speaking of the show, we had rehearsal on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights as well as Saturday morning. We focused only on music the first two nights, and on Wednesday we did our first read-thru of the script with the principals. IT'S SO FUNNY. Of course my favorite scene by far is the one where we are all high as kites on some primo Maui-Wowie. My character Violet is so uptight and rigid that it's nice to do something totally different there for a few minutes. "Judy" and "Doralee" and I couldn't stop laughing at each other. That's gonna be a fun one for sure. On Saturday morning, the whole company was there and we worked on the opening number and the first act's closer. That's two songs in three hours... intense! Yours truly is having to learn this the hard way: by ear. I definitely have my work cut out for me.

After rehearsal on Saturday, we took more publicity photos in some different costumes. Later that evening, Evan and I got dinner and went to see the theater's current production of A Christmas Carol. It was a good show and it was really exciting to think that in just a month, we will be up there, too!

But there's so much to before that, like CHRISTMAS! I used Thursday evening to get my Christmas shopping done. I am all about some Christmas traditions and picking out tiny toys for a tiny boy is definitely, hands-down my new favorite. I put such thought into his gifts, selecting something for every sense: something to touch, something to taste (bite?), something to look at, something to hear. I also got something for thinking/development and something just for fun and giggles. Don't worry, he's not the only one I shopped for. I finished my shopping over the course of the weekend and all that's left to do now is wrap!

Hope you each had a good weekend!

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