Saturday, December 01, 2012


I am not a fan of people talking about how busy they are. We're all busy in one way or another, you know? But LORDY things are busy right now.

Thanksgiving was lovely. I was just home the weekend before, so it wasn't like I hadn't seen everyone in such a long time. We were all spread out until Thursday night, then we camped out in Birmingham until Sunday. By camped out I mean we shopped, napped, ate leftovers, did lots of playing on the floor, watched football by the fire... my kind of camping.

I helped host bunko on Wednesday. I wanted to have everyone at my house but there just aren't enough playing surfaces. Especially since now we sometimes play a new game called Left, Right, Center that requires us all seated around the same table. But I helped pull dinner together and enjoyed getting to see friends!

This time of the year is a lot of activity for the sorority I advise. I helped chaperone a party on Thursday, and then last night I had the advisors and a few of the girls over for a meeting. It was my first group to host (besides my family), so I was excited to use fun napkins and coasters and serving pieces.

So today, I am planted on my couch. I actually have a little bit of work to do so there's that. Next week looks just as busy. I have something big up my sleeve that I can't wait to tell you about. It starts on Monday. Then I am so excited to have been invited to see Kenny G's Christmas show with the Nashville Symphony on Thursday night. It will be fantastic!

Company comes this weekend and no, it's not Santa. But her eyes do twinkle and her dimples are merry, am I right?

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