Friday, December 28, 2012


I feel like Christmas flew by this year. For me, a huge part of the holiday is all the music I listen to. I have 269 Christmas songs on my iPod. This year, I didn't even make it through the playlist. All I would let myself listen to, at least until last Saturday, was the 9 to 5 soundtrack. So I felt like it crept up, was here, and then disappeared just as quickly as it arrived.

Regardless, I was ready for it and got all my shopping done, stockings and all, done in plenty of time. I took off of work the Friday before to wrap, pack, clean, wrap, pack and clean some more. Saturday morning, I headed to Huntsville to spend the night with my sister and her family. We ran some errands, checked out the Galaxy of Lights, watched Home Alone and I even got to help put together a Santa gift for the littlest one. It was a great way to start the holiday!

From there, I drove on Sunday to Birmingham, where I hopped in the car with Jay and hitched a ride to Montgomery, where my mom came to collect me. I rode back to Greenville with her and visited my grandmom and faithful friends who are dear to us and tucked in for the night down there. The next day, after a big breakfast, Mom and I rode back to Birmingham, just in time for my sister + family to arrive. We got all polished up and met my aunt and uncle at the Christmas Eve candlelight service, which is always a special time. Last year, I held my cousin's baby for most of the service, thinking about the little lamb my sister was carrying that would be with us this year. It was a sweet time together.

We all went back to my mom's for dinner, then took the annual Christmas pajama picture:

and then those of us that didn't have an early bed time opened gifts. The littlest elf waited until Christmas morning to open his. Want to know what Bitty got? A corn popper, this cute long-legged lion that gives hugs when Aunt Nin can't, a Christmas book, a train puzzle, this cute little Alabama-shaped wooden teether from Etsy and a super-fun xylophone! We all took a turn on it after feeling inspired by this video. Mom got some workout gear and new binoculars, sister got a DVD and some kitchen gear and brother-in-law got a bottle of JW Black.

What did Aunt Nin get? Moola to buy herself an iPhone! Very exciting! I also received the Anthro candle I wanted, some perfume, some gloves that I can use with my future touch-screen device, some makeup, a handmade picture frame (more to come on that) and some cute bracelets.

I also received enough gift cards to treat myself to a new television. This has been an interesting cirucmstance. I am just one person. I cannot watch more than one TV at the same time and while it would be nice to have one in my bedroom, it's not a pressing need. Moreover, I've had the same TV for 9 years and while it's "small" by my family's today's definition, it gets the job done for one person. HOWEVER. My family has kindly let me know that that TV is too small and have "suggested" I get a new one especially if I want them to visit during football season again. One gift card led to another and next week, a brand-new 39" television will be moving into my living room. I know. Huge TV. HDM-oh-my! It's gonna look like this:

All kidding aside, I am excited about this and all my other gifts and can't wait to enter the world of high-def electronics. Also, I am pretty certain buying a huge TV means there's no reason left for me to be single anymore, so stay tuned for news on THAT.

After a fun-filled Christmas Day where we stayed in pajamas, by the fire, taking catnaps and sneaking a snack here and there, I left Wednesday morning to head back to Tennessee for more practice. I was off work so I had time to unpack and get situated when I got home.

Though you read my count of what gifts received, I really am blessed beyond any measure. Christmas just reminded me of that very fact. Hope your holiday was splendid as well.


  1. Your apartment is so, so pretty, Linds!

  2. Coming from you, that means so much! Thanks :)


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