Monday, December 10, 2012


What a weekend! I want to tell you about my Saturday, AKA first time ever to a callback. What an experience.

On Wednesday afternoon, I had literally JUST hit send on an email to my mom and sister saying I guess I wasn't invited to callbacks (they were originally supposed to be that evening) when I got a text on my phone inviting me to show up Saturday at 10 am. JOY! I immediately RSVPed my spot and alerted the masses.

I had no idea what to wear, what to bring, etc. I may as well have worn a name tag that said Hi My Name is NEW. The directors of the show knew it was my first attempt at community theater but I was trying my hardest not to broadcast it to everyone else.

I arrived and waited in the hallway with my competition the other thespians until the directors show up to usher us in. Unlike the first round of auditions, where we were performing by ourselves, for callbacks we were all in the room together.

Right out of the gate, they had eight or so of us women sing for Judy. If you haven't seen the musical, watch this clip of "Get Out and Stay Out" (beginning at the 3:00 mark). This is what we had to sing both on Monday night and again at 10:00 am on Saturday morning. A little note about Stephanie J. Block, the actress who is singing in that YouTube: she was Elphaba before Idina Menzel was Elphaba, while Wicked was still workshopping. Then, Block originated the role on the national tour and eventually took a turn on Broadway. To say that she can sing is an understatement. And we had to prove that we can do it too.

So we took our turns singing the bridge and final chorus of that song and as was the case on Monday, I felt good about my turn. It wasn't a new song to me by any stretch, but I still was incredibly nervous. The other girls/ladies were really talented and everyone was watching!

We then watched the ladies who were auditioning to be Roz, the suckup assistant. They read with a stand-in Mr. Hart then sang Roz's big song, "Heart to Hart." All of them did well!

After that, they divided us into groups of two; half of us to read/sing for Violet and the other half to read/sing for Doralee. I was in the group that was reading and singing for Violet.

First we had to perform Violet's big number about how she's gonna be a CEO and is now one of the boys. I was familiar enough with this song to hold my own. Then, we had to learn and perform the duet that Violet has at the end of the show with her officemate/love interest. This proved difficult for a few reasons: first, I was not as familiar with this song as others from the score and I can't read sheet music so it wasn't like I had that to fall back on. But even if I could, the "rehearsal track" we would be singing to was in a different key than the original cast recording/sheet music. We didn't realize this until we popped in the "rehearsal track" after listening to the original recording for a good ten minutes. And then, every time the female part came on, four other women were singing along with it. So it was challenging. Eventually, the director came in to check on us to find we were all kind of whiny about our slow progress. She said something I took to heart: find a harmony and hang on to it. If that won't work, find something that sounds good and sing it. So, once I stopped worrying about if I was singing the notes perfectly as they were on the page, or if I sounded like the CD version, or if I was even singing the right line of harmony altogether, I did better.

The Doralees came in and took their turns acting out the classic scene in Mr. Hart's office, where she finds out what he's been saying about her and threatens to turn him from a rooster to a hen with one shot. Then, the Violets were up to do our duets. I went last and as was suggested, found a harmony and hung on. I was excited that I pulled it off.

We were then given a scene to learn and sent out of the room while the Doralees each got a chance to sing. The scene we learned was at the end of the show when Violet tells Mr. Hart and the Chairman of the Board how they fixed the office, and how bad it was before, and how people like Violet will never get ahead of Mr. Hart. We came back in and took our turns performing the monologue. I was able to relate because Violet is saying that people like her have to balance the checkbook and run the errands and do it all. I often jokingly complain how I hate being head of my own household (ha) so I could empathize with that speech.

After everyone read, the entire room was sent into the hallway to wait. After a few minutes, they dismissed everyone but asked three of us to stay. We had to do a cold reading (no time to practice) for Judy, then sing her big number once more. The directors had said earlier in the day that they had to have 100% confidence that Judy can sing this big, huge song night after night, and so after we all went through the song one more time, they complimented all of us and said they were certain that any of us could do it, which as a rookie, meant a lot to me. They explained that at this point, it becomes about how everyone looks and sounds together, and that's what the cast would be built around.

All in all, I was there from 10 am to 1:30 in the afternoon. I had no idea it would take that long but I didn't mind at all. It was such a learning experience and after hearing everyone, I knew that whoever got the lead parts would be talented folks. I called my family on the way home and told them I had no clue when we would hear but I would let them know.

Less than five minutes after I got off the phone with my mom, my phone rang. It was my director, offering me the part of Violet. I was thrilled. I can't believe that in my first turn at this, they have faith in me to pull off such a big part. I am really nervous about memorizing so many lines but good news: I have a great partner to run scenes with. Evan has been cast in this production as well, as Doralee's husband Dwayne. No, we do not kiss. His long-awaited return to the stage and my debut, all in one?! Crazy to think about.I am so glad that he will be there every step of the way. What a FUN thing to share with my best friend!

Rehearsal start tonight! And yesterday, I got an email that we are taking press photos this evening and have a costume fitting or two as well. Zero to sixty, I tell you. The show opens one month from next Monday, so I know it will be fast and furious, especially with some time off for the holidays, but I cannot wait to get started.The directors are so funny and kind and did I mention my best friend will be right beside me?

E-mail me if you would like a link to ticket information! I would love for any of my friends to be there! If you ask nicely I will get you Evan's autograph!


  1. So excited for you Lindsay! I know you and Evan will have a blast! So fun! Congrats to you both!!

  2. WOW! Congrats! You are gonna be famous! :D


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