Friday, November 16, 2012


This week, I had a special visitor. Someone I love had SO much fun here a few weekends ago, that he begged and pleaded for his mommy to bring him back. He won and up they came.

Guess what Aunt Nin did? I took care to make sure my Christmas tree was up so that he could enjoy looking at it. Boom. I have never had my own tree up before, let alone put one up in early November. But I was tha-rilled to do it this year. Though I'm not sure it was the smartest of all my ideas to teach the baby that YES, he CAN touch the Christmas tree, but whatever. The image of that little finger reaching out in wonder was worth whatever damage he does to the next one he comes across. Sorry, dear sister!

Speaking of my dear sister, we had a great time running all over town. Having a sister is just the best. We did some shopping and some eating and she and the bebé came to meet my coworkers, who have heard so much about them both. We also went to a park near my house to take the little guy to swing. It'd been a while since my fanny was on a swing so I was surprised to find that they make swings so small these days. Does anyone else find that to be the case? Teehee.

And today I am headed back to Alabama to see them all. That kid. I know when I have my own child I will reconsider this statement, but I can't imagine loving something more. I am often reminded of a song I used to sing (some of you will recognize it, wink wink): "Got along without ya before I met ya, can't get along without you now."

Aunthood is just the best.

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