Friday, November 02, 2012


We came, we saw, we sparkled:

Well, one of us sparkled. After that shirt, there just weren't any rhinestones left in the Southeast for me. Winter white is always fashionable, though, amiright?

PS - Of all the performances, winners, speeches and jokes, this was hands-down the best moment of the night for me.

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  1. : Ok, I randomly ended up here (because of the baby shower diapar arrangement a friend pinned on Pinterest) and I have now been consumed by your hilarious blog! You seriously lead the most interesting life with fun events planned daily - amazing! Looking forward to reading many more posts and LOVED the CMA Awards. As a new country music fan, very cool to see that picture and read about how Carrie Underwood called you a "Loser." Ha! Thanks for the entertainment today. - Jeni (in Minnesota)


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