Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Remember how I told you my boss got married recently? I wanted to show you what I made for her wedding present.

I saw this on Pinterest a while back and knew it was something I would actually get around to doing one day (unlike all the other things I pin that I just hope will magically appear in my life/closet/stove/home).

I ended up not using my boss's wedding invitation for this but rather her wedding program. I bought the ornament at Michael's as well as the charms and ribbon. I would think finding ornaments January through August might be tricky so if you like this idea, stock up now. I chose the lavendar ribbon since lavender was her main wedding color. The two charms I chose are a seashell for their honeymoon and a little pendant that says LAUGH because that's all they ever do.

Ta-da! Pretty cute, right? Think of all the occasions you can make into ornaments!


  1. you gave me something very similar to this when we were in high school...i think a picture of you and me and carlee with some gold tinsel behind it? it's still hanging on my bulletin board at mom's house!! :)

    ps...arkansas duck camp was super great, minus my first ever migraine (sadly not alcohol induced.) :)

  2. ummmm this is adorable!


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