Thursday, October 25, 2012


To say that hosting my family this past weekend was fulfilling would be an understatement. It was bliss. For me, at least. Never before have I had my whole family around my table eating food that I prepared... I was so happy. It was perfect. It was also nice to have the love and support of my family when this news broke on Friday. Seriously? A pink wedding dress? Was this a wedding, or an episode of MTV's My Sweet Sixteen?! YOU CAN DO BETTER, JUSTIN!

Erm... anyway. Everyone rolled in Friday and due to a little someone's early bedtime, I had gotten takeout from a local barbecue house so that we could eat at home, catch up and make our plans for Saturday. We got up early to go get breakfast at The Perch, a little coffeeshop near my home that I had not been to. Can I jus say that Bitty does so good at restaurants? He's such a cherub. We came back home to get ready for the game, then four of us headed to Vandy while two of us stayed home.

The game... sigh. It was a pretty day! I saw some friends! Then we headed back to my house and that's all I'd like to say about that.

I picked Local Taco for dinner since it is about the only other restaurant that we hadn't already eaten at so far that's near me, not a chain, AND because Bitty could make some noise if he felt the spirit lead him. Everyone loved my pick and we had a great dinner.

The next morning, I woke up and made a big pot of coffee, a plateful of delicious crispy bacon, a mound of piping hot biscuits (from a can, let's be real) and a bowlful of fluffy scrambled eggs. Even my own jaw dropped when I saw it all on the table. My friend and neighbor Jamie had loaned me a highchair as well as jumparoo, so the littlest one entertained himself while the adults had a yummy breakfast before it was time to head home.

I left my house at the same the they did because I had to go into work. I know, work on a Sunday? That's so 2011. Trust me, it was for a very good reason.

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  1. A dear friend of mine was in attendance at said pink dress wedding. She said it was ethereal and fabulous and gorgeous...the dress that is. Perhaps she was just delirious what with a weeklong, most expenses paid Italian trip...I think I 'd be paying some pretty high compliments too!!! :)


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