Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have waxed poetic before about some of my pet peeves. Misspelling my name or getting it wrong is #1. Bad grammar is number #2. I'm about to tell you #3 and #4 and then there's about 100 other things tied for #5.

Unreturned correspondence.

While this really is quite a special kind of terrible, I will tell you right out of the gate that I have one exception to this: a friendly message or phone call (where you leave a voicemail) where you were just calling to say hi. That's a no pressure situation. Anything else (like me asking a question) without a reply is fair game to me thinking you are just discourteous.

It's 2012. There are six different ways you can get in touch with me SOLELY through my cell phone, which I have on me at all times. Maybe other people don't have their phone with them 24/7 but when firsthand evidence proves otherwise, it's hard for me to extend that benefit of the doubt.

My point: if someone texts, emails, FB messages, tweets or calls you and asks you a question, you have to respond. Fairly quickly. Even if you don't know the answer. You acknowledge the correspondence.

And don't get me started on no correspondence altogether, aka not sending a thank you note, aka peeve number #4. That's a real quick way to move real far down my list. You all are welcome to lord this over me when I get married, but that whole "you have a year" thing is for the birds. Trust me, people will be talking about you after about two months go by and you haven't acknowledged the gift. And by people, I may mean myself, but I know I am not alone in thinking this is just a terrible way to behave. How long is too long these days? Three months is my answer.

Sorry to go all John Mayer and tell you how I really feel about things. What are your biggest pet peeves?


  1. Amen and amen sister! I can't stand it when someone doesn't respond to your text and you know they're just sitting right there by their phone. You have 6 months or less to do thank you's before it is just rude (roood)!
    One of my pet peeves...when people are all clanking the crap out of their bowl or plate with utensils while eating.

  2. I have an (in law) family member that doesn't return phone calls or text messages and it makes me crazy. So does loud breathing and smacking!

  3. Agreed. Like, theres no way you havent looked at your cell phone in two days. I'm onto you if you haven't responded by then.

  4. Ditto. My boss doesn't respond to emails.... ugh.

  5. Loved reaading this thank you


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