Monday, September 17, 2012


I remember the first thing I ever got from J. Crew. It was a pair of clogs when I was in seventh grade. I got them for Christmas. Now these exact shoes are all over eBay, ironically. Look at these. What were we thinking?

My how the times change.

Anyhoo. We got a J. Crew outlet here in May and while I definitely don't buy everything I wear from there, it sure is tempting.

I had a coupon, extra time and some babysitting money and went to the outlet on Sunday. Do I sound like that 13-year-old in clogs again? I took my babysitting money and went shopping at J. Crew! OMG!

Here's two of the things I brought home: a cute dress and an orange and blue top. I swear that store has more orange and blue clothes than Anders. I really had to practice self-control.

Tres chic, I think. I will definitely be wearing them with boots and not clogs.

What's your favorite outlet store?


  1. Love the dress and the shirt (and I'm not even an Auburn fan). Where is this amazing J Crew outlet?

    1. Opry Mills, girl! As if there are other outlets to be found!!


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