Monday, September 24, 2012


Four years ago, I started my current job. Since then, the stranger who hired me has become a dear friend.

She got married on Sunday at one of the sweetest, prettiest weddings I have ever been to. I was so honored to be there to celebrate with her and her new husband, who are so perfectly suited for each other.

I mean, who goes to see Nelly (and stays out until 2 am!?) with her boss + fiancé? Me. I did that. In January. We were about to have 2 months of just me and her doing what just days prior was a 4 person job, before we were down a staff member and another went on maternity leave. But we made it out alive, had our best first quarter in history and became that much better teammates and friends. No one in my department gets me as well as she does and after some trying times there, it's good to be "gotten" and know someone has your back. We have laughed. We have cried. We have gently and not so gently disagreed and crossed arms and I have pouted. But I am so grateful that even at my very worst, I feel safe in her employ... and in our friendship.

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