Wednesday, August 08, 2012


On Sunday night, Jay and I grabbed our rain jackets and headed out to see Andy Grammar, Mat Kearney and Train at Nashville's newest outdoor venue, the Woods at Fontanel. This was my first trip out there, but not because of lack of effort. Earth Wind & Fire SOLD OUT the venue and I was out of town for Idina Menzel earlier in the summer.

So, there was a 100% chance of rain on Sunday night. I looked at the hourly forecast and it was supposed to pour at 8 pm, right about the time Mat Kearney was on stage. Typically, this is the type of thing I would curl my lip up at, but I put on my trusty rain boots, some dark clothing that wouldn't get ruined in the rain and left all nonessentials behind in the dry car.

Just one hitch: it didn't rain. My rain boots are CURSED. Last week I wore them on a day that the weather man said it was definitely going to rain and it was sunny all day. I looked like an idiot.

The show was really good. I really liked Andy Grammar, whom I had never heard before. In fact, I came home and bought his album. Due to the imminent storm rolling in, all the acts had to cut their sets short. Train kept getting warnings on the stage and finally told us they had time to play just 2 more songs. I was thrilled when the piano kicked into "Drops of Jupiter." I just KNEW it was going to start raining during the song and it would be just amazing: drops of rain during "Drops of Jupiter" - you can't write this stuff! Except, it didn't. My boots never saw a drop of rain. But, looking at this photo Jay took, you can see why they were trying to end the show:

So, even though it got cut short, the show was still really great! I can't wait to go to another one out there!

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