Saturday, August 04, 2012


One or two of you have asked for pics of the new condo. It is still a work in progress, but the living room is my favorite room and is also the room that is closet to being "complete" so I don't mind sharing a few pictures.

The couch arrived in late July. Hot mess before:

Hot mess, be gone. After:

I know. Big improvement, right? I bought those pillows online before I had even moved in. What can I say, I was excited. And check out that mirrored wall. At first I thought it was terrible, but since I moved in, I've grown to like it. It makes the room so light and airy. I won't be installing one in my next home but it works just fine for now! It's like I have my own dance studio.

Next thing on the list was to get some additional seating. I was going to wait until the loveseat sold on Craigslist so I would have both the spare room and the extra cash, but I came across a good deal pretty quickly so there went that idea. I found these two chairs at Kirkland's of all places after seeing them in a similar style at a friend's home. The sticker on the chair said $199, said $149, they were on sale for $99, and I used a 25% off coupon bringing the total to about $75 each. I think that's pretty good for two incredibly versatile chairs! I was torn between this burlap-looking color and seafoam blue, but once I got them home I knew it was the right choice. Plus, like I said, they are so versatile! If I find something I like better, these could go in a bedroom, a dining room, etc. And I LOVE me some nailhead trim! I think the whole space will open up and look much better once that massive loveseat is gone!

I had fewer frames on the mantle but I keep adding them back. Evan says it's teetering on looking too cat lady-ish. The serving dish I have up there like the crown jewels was a birthday gift that I placed up there just to see if it looked good. Does it? The candles by the fireplace were a handmedown gift but I'm not sure why that rogue silver one is still on the hearth. Oops. Ignore that.

The dresser came from Evan, this you already know. And let the record state that those curtains were a pain to hang by myself but I sure do love them. The length was a total crapshoot that went in my favor. The cross above the TV is a shower hostess gift I received in college from my friend Anna.

Things I still need to add in this room include a rug (OMG WHAT KIND?!), more or different pillows for the couch, a bigger coffee table and a side table or two to go in between those chairs and on the far side of the couch. For real: what kind of rug should I get? I was thinking a plain jute one but then I got those chairs. As for side tables, I like this one from Urban Outfitters, but since I came across it earlier in the summer, they've run out of this color AND the price went up! Supply and demand wins again.

But look! Last week I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond for less AND I can use one of their 20% off coupons, and can of spray paint if I have to.

So that's my place! What do you think? My first non-familial visitor is on her way up to see it live and in person so I better get back to cleaning!


  1. You need a bright fun rug to add some color!

  2. I LUUUUUURVE this, Linds!! I love the neutrals. And I think you can go with a natural rug regardless of the chairs. It just looks so chic and comfy. Well done! I think I need to come see it in person. Winkwink.

  3. I LOVE it! It is gorgeous. Well done LJ!!

  4. I agree with a bright rug...I had to do that to add some color - we have a lot of the same colors in our furniture. Is that a Beatriz Ball platter? I love those! It must be displayed. Nice place!

  5. I love it! The couch looks amazing!! Now maybe we can plan for me to finally bring you that wine and hang out again!


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