Friday, August 17, 2012


Football is on TV which, in my book, means it's football season. Translation: I am looking for all the orange I can find. Every season, I have to tell myself "you have plenty of orange clothes. DO NOT go nuts buying more." Then I remember that it's not like I'm ever NOT going to cheer for Auburn, so who cares how many orange things I buy? They'll get worn; football happens every year. Adding to my enthusiasm is the understanding that it's not that hard to find cute orange things in Tennessee. Retailers probably double their shipment of orange stuff to this state because it sells so quickly. Good ole Rocky Top.

Not only do I wear orange every Friday during football season, I also try to wear it on Saturdays if I make it out of my pajamas (assuming I'm not at the game). Heck, I'll wear it any day of the week I feel led. So without further ado, here's the things you will see me in regularly this fall as well as some other clothes that I think are cute but don't own.

Before I get to the good stuff, notice there are no HAIR BOWS in here because grown women don't need to be wearing hairbows like this girl. Also notice there are no high-maintence, backless, one-shouldered, lace-trimmed frocks with a ginormous sash because this is a football game, not the Kentucky Derby. Just because they made it in your team's colors, don't mistake a cute dress for one that makes you look like a birthday party.

Now, where we were?

Look out Derek Dooley, guess who bought herself some orange pants! These are currently in stock at the Gap and I would not be upset if every good Auburn fan went out and bought herself a pair. While you are there, you may also need to try on this shirt, which was 30% off when I was there yesterday:

Don't think that my eyes are only peeled for orange things in the fall. A stockpile is a stockpile. Earlier in the year, I found this cute little maxi skirt earlier on sale at Ann Taylor Loft, and this shirt that looks like it was made for Auburn at J. Crew Factory:

I know. It's mean of me to tease you with something that's not available.

Dry that eye! Here's a T-shirt from J. Crew Factory that IS in stock and is just a good staple. Throw on some jeans and a scarf and be on your way.

If you are like my mom and need something that has a least one spool's worth of sequins on it, this top is available at Express right now. Make sure to wear some pants with it or someone might mistake you for a majorette:

I like this dress from Francesca's Collections. It implies tiger print, but in a subtle way.

But if that's too loud for you, I like this plain orange T-back number. And for that one game they always insist everyone wear blue, here's a cute dress that gets the job done.

Happy shopping and War Eagle!


  1. This is all super cute and will look fab on if they just had it all in Crimson and maternity, I would be a happy camper :)

  2. I just bought those orange pants from the Gap this past week!! I am such a good wife :)


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