Thursday, August 02, 2012


Remember how I told you things were about to pick up and stay that way through Labor Day? I feel like a Ryan Seacrest lately – I am just EVERYWHERE!

A few weekends ago, I spent the weekend helping my sister and her family move into their new home in north Alabama. My official job was babysitter, one that I was all too eager to jump right into. Somebody had to stare into those baby blues while everyone else unpacked boxes! I soaked up every minute on the floor playing with my little buddy and I am positive that he had a fun time as well. Proof: I made him laugh for 5 minutes straight using nothing but my God-given talents and a little teething bug, and my life has not been the same since. I had not heard him really laugh before, let alone caused him to erupt into giggles, so that was by far the highlight of my life the trip for me.

Speaking of laughter, the weekend after that, Mom came up to see me – as I already told you. We shopped (some more recklessly than others), played, ate, etc.

Then this past weekend, ALL of us reconvened under one roof in Birmingham for a special weekend for le petit cherie. Now that my sister and her family are not in Birmingham, it feels like Christmas when we are all piled into Mom’s house at the same time. Other friends joined us to participate in and celebrate the milestone that is dedicating a baby to the Lord and it was a beautiful time with friends and family. James Henry looked just like an angel in his new gown and behaved just like one, too! Family time is extra special now that we are more spread out.

On Monday night I had dinner with my old college roommate Melinda. She and her husband and their daughters moved to town recently and I was SO glad to be able to connect with her. We laughed and reminisced for almost three hours! I am already looking forward to spending more time with her.

Last night, Jay and I went to see the Nutty Professor musical, which previewed and is debuting here in town. For people who (like me) did not realize the 1990's Eddie Murphy version was a remake, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the original plot, which is not too different from the remake but sadly there were no mentions of colonics, Mike Douglas or fried chicken skin. In spite of that, I was REALLY surprised with how good it was. The lead actor was really amazing. There was one scene where he was going back and forth between Buddy and Professor Kelp several times pretty quickly and he nailed it. If you have a free night between now and August 19, when the show heads out of town, I recommend going to see it!

Speaking of heading out of town, that brings me to this weekend! More out of town company! Kathryn is coming up to stay with me and I am so excited I can hardly stand it! This is her second annual trip to Nashville... hope this tradition sticks around!

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