Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I stand corrected from what I told you earlier in the week. My favorite song from John Mayer's new album is "The Age of Worry." On the last day of my 28th year, staring down the last year of my twenties (OMG!!!???), the lyrics from this song really stuck out to me! Listen to it here.

No your fight is not within
Yours is with your timing
Dream your dreams but don’t pretend
Make friends with what you are
Give your heart then change your mind
You’re allowed to do it
Cause God knows it’s been done to you
And somehow you got through it

Alive in the age of worry
Smile in the age of worry
Go wild in the age of worry
And say worry, why should I care?

Let me just tell you: 28 was a great year. And all signs indicate that 29 is gonna be even better. It's the last call, twenties - let's go wild before thirty gets here to pick us up.

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  1. Are you kidding me with this frequent blogging? I feel so spoiled!


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