Saturday, June 02, 2012


HUGE REALIZATION!!!!!!!! How has no one figured this out before now?!

Today, I left the TV on and went into the kitchen to put away groceries and cook dinner. Independence Day came on - fine by me.

I was listening to Will Smith's girlfriend fuss at him for leaving her at the house when IT HIT ME!

Jasmine from Independence Day

is really Jasmine from Troop Beverly Hills?

So what if Troop Beverly Hills came out in 1989 and Independence Day came out in 1996. Just go with it.

To celebrate her troop's victory at the Wilderness Jamboree, Jasmine's father, James "the Jackhammer" Shakar, takes the family to Vegas. While there, he loses several bets in the sports book and defaults on a few loans as a result. Before he knows it, he's late on payments for the Rolls, the Jag and the Range. The family is forced to sell the Beverly Hills mansion to make ends meet, but the bills continue to pile up. Desperate to save her family, young Jasmine holds concert after concert on the corner of Rodeo Drive, but it just isn't enough. Her family officially goes broke.

Despondent, Jasmine turns to her boyfriend for support. She winds up pregnant, but there's no money to pay for a wedding. With no hope and no husband, she is shamed out of Beverly Hills forever. Jasmine flees town on the 405 South and never looks back to the plush childhood she once knew. After an hour in the car, she arrives in Irvine, CA; home to El Toro air station. To keep herself and her son off the streets, she turns to the only thing she knows: performing on stage. She trades in her khaki and badges for lace and sequins and gives exotic dancing her best Wilderness Girl effort. One night, a group of Marine pilots come in for a night on the town. Among them is the young, handsome Captain Steven Hiller. He sees Jasmine as more than just a stripper and against the advice of his peers, pursues a relationship with her. They fall madly in love and he becomes like a father to her child. Six months after they move in together, Jasmine's son notices an alien ship parked over the city. Captain Hiller is called to duty, but pauses saving earth long enough to finally put a dolphin engagement ring on Jasmine. The alien attacked is thwarted and the newlyweds live happily ever after.


Oh goody!

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