Thursday, June 14, 2012


Last night, I went to see Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour. Here are all the reasons I could not wait to see this show:
1. I saw LOVE, which is the Beatles Cirque show, in May of last year and loved it. So clever and so inspiring.
2. This show was playing in Vegas when I was there in December and Dave and I alllllmost went to see it. Like, had Ticketmaster pulled up on the computer, ready to buy tickets. Then, we decided just to kick it around the hotel instead. The next day, of course I find out that Beyonce and Jay were there. Grrr!
3. It was playing across the street from where I work (convenient)
4. I had a $25 off coupon code for my ticket (incentive)
5. I love Michael Jackson music.

Sound like good reasons, right? My thoughts exactly.

I got there and was so confused why it was NOT crowded and also, why there was a line to get in my section up in the tippy tippy top. As I am considering rudely shouting "LET'S GOOOOOO" to whatever/whomever is the hold up, a lady tells me they are "upgrading" tickets about 10 feet away. For whatever reason, arena staff is standing there with a small stack of lower level tickets that they will trade for your high up, 3rd tier seats. I have lived here six years and been to many a show at Bridgestone and have never once seen personally or heard of via a third party this happening. But I didn't waste my time trying to figure it out! For $40 (would have been almost $70 if not for my coupon!), I got to sit in what was originally a $150 seat. I was ecstatic. I practically ran to my new seat and giddily texted all my people. As showtime grew near, I was glad that the arena filled up... I was so sad when I thought it wasn't crowded!

So, I know I oversell things on here a lot, but OH MY. What a show. I think I liked it more than LOVE, which I didn't really expect to do because a home theater in Vegas like what LOVE has vs a touring road show can't really be compared. But, I think what did me in is having lived MJ's music in my youth: I will never forget the day the Dangerous album entered our house. So, I was blown away. There is a central character who represents MJ. He's not dressed like him or anything (though others do), he's just more of a childlike spirit (wearing sequins, naturally). Well, the spirit eventually becomes the man - hat, glove and all - and it's just amazing. I was stone cold sober and I cried twice, y'all. It was just really beautiful. Lots of cool costumes with interesting technology (head to toe LED, etc), great video to accompany the performances, amazing dancing - hello, there was a ONE LEGGED DANCER - and of course, stunning acrobatics and aerial elements. I just loved how they interpreted some of the songs. There was a live band as well; the music was really fantastic. Just like LOVE, they remixed and intertwined the songs so almost nothing but his voice was just a straight pull from the albums.

I really recommend you try to see this one if you like MJ - tickets are crazy expensive but apparently Travel Zoo has some deals for the touring cities and the arena where it was showing emailed a $25 coupon to people on its mailing list. It's also opening up shop in Vegas in 2013, so there's always that. And, as I will probably be doing for years to come, you can buy "cheap" seats and hop around the venue looking for upgrades.

Long live the King!

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