Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Time to tell you about my latest project: Box 3. Or, as I have become to jokingly to call it, Operation Trophy Wife.

I'm not shy whatsoever about my love of cheese. Or wine. Or ice cream. Or chips. Or other delicious, unhealthy food. But whenever I look in the mirror and don't like what I see, I've always told myself "I'll exercise it off!... Starting tomorrow!"

Small problem: exercise didn't put it there. Food did.

Would you believe me if I said I had NO cheese... NO coffee... NO chips or ice cream or pasta or similar food for three whole weeks? I had one glass of wine on Mom's birthday and a margarita with Evan and that's it.

I have changed the way I grocery shop, the way I eat, the way I plan my meals. And the great part is: it's gonna stick!

The last three weeks, I have been on Advocare's 24 Day Challenge with a friend from work. Through a stricter diet, daily supplements and friendly support, she has lost 10 lbs and I've lost almost 9 since May 15 (update: 10 lb in 30 days). It's enough of a jump start to really incentivize me to keep going!

Along those lines, the thing I really like about the 24 Day Challenge is that you're probably going to stay on the diet even after the program ends, because it's not really a diet that's a "phase", it's a diet that becomes your diet from now on. A lifestyle.

Here's an example of my weekday: I've started going to the gym in the mornings - yes, really. I am finishing up my first meal (Zone bar - yummy!) as I pull into the gym parking lot around 7 am. Second meal/snack is fruit and at least one hardboiled egg around 9:45 or 10 am. Lunch around 12:30 or 1 pm is some variety of chicken and either veggies or fruit (this week's it's been chicken salad (made with almond butter, not mayo) on a rice cake - so delicious). Snack of veggies with hummus or all-natural peanut butter and 1 or 2 more hardboiled eggs around 4 pm. Dinner around 7 pm is chicken or a lean cut of red meat and more veggies or healthy carbs like roasted sweet potatoes. With all that eating, I'm never hungry!

You can see that eating more protein/fewer (and better) carbs is a big part of it, which I don't think is rocket science, but having frequent small meals is also another part of it. You keep your metabolism going by fueling it, just like keeping a fire going by throwing logs into it.

I had always been really skeptical of companies like Advocare because they were always rumored to be unhealthy or didn't work or overpriced. Do your homework on this company: they have great science behind the supplements, reputable people that believe in the product, and of course - RESULTS from their products. It's also an easy way to transition yourself from eating more or less whatever you want into a balanced, healthy eating plan without feeling too overwhelmed.

Since the 24 days concluded last week, I have definitely slipped up here and there (damn you, free Jeni's ice cream at work) but the difference between a month ago and now is that I know and believe my next meal is the perfect time to pick right back up where I left off. No more "well, since I had ice cream I may as well have pizza... and a glass of wine... and another... and I'll make up for it tomorrow!" I am learning to stay one step ahead of my body (you should see all the stuff I tote into work each day). It's hard, but it is worth it! I used to be really mad at myself and resentful when I thought about losing weight. Now I am just like, it is what it is. One of those things like having to go through airport security or sit in traffic... just gotta grin and bear it.

I can have results, or excuses, but not both. I am definitely still learning a lot, but have done so much research over the past month and am so excited about where I know I am heading! I love going to the grocery store now and trying new food. Who knew how good rice cakes could be? And of course I plan to eat cheese and drink coffee again... no one wants to completely abstain from the things they enjoy most. It's all about moderation and balance.

Moral of the story: Advocare, plus consistent exercise, and a new way of eating, has turned things around for me! If you are looking for a healthy jumpstart and want more information on Advocare, e-mail me!


  1. This sounds great! Joe and I have both been trying to step up the exercise and get rid of all, well at least most, of the bad foods we eat. I'm doing a fit camp two mornings a week with a few other ladies from church (there are usually only 2 or 3 of us there). Let me know if you want to change it up one week and come. She has a very reasonable drop in rate!

    Also, I may need that chicken salad recipe!

  2. GO GURL!!!! Advocare is the easiest diet I have ever done! At 54, I have done them all!!

  3. Yay Linds! I am so proud of you. Keep going. You are amazing. LOVE!


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