Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Sorry you have had to look at that spider for weeks and weeks. The good news is I have not seen one since. Other bugs? Yes. Landlord said no dice on the paying for pest control thing but encouraged me to seek it out. Ummm, hello? If I wanted to pay for pest control I would have bought something not rented it. But whatever.

Let's see, what else? Emma Geller-Green would have turned ten today. Isn't that something? I remember watching that episode in my dorm (218 Lupton!) like it was yesterday.

Speaking of episodes, Clay Aiken is one task away from winning the Celebrity Apprentice and you would think it was me competing, not him. I AM SO PROUD! He has played smartly, very fairly and I really hope he wins!

I went home to see my nephew for Mother's Day this past weekend. Can you believe I went TWO ENTIRE MONTHS without seeing my little sugar plum? Bet your bottom dollar I won't let THAT happen again. I spent lots of time with all of my dear family members, including breakfast at Cracker Barrel for someone's "If I am Going To Be Awake This Early I Might As Well Go Have Breakfast" Mother's Day request; on the floor having tummy time with the littlest of them all; on Mom's back porch holding the littlest one, surrounded by everyone else, bellies full from a delicious dinner and dessert, listening to the rain and enjoying each others company; pedicures with Mom and on Sunday, free yogurt from Yogurt Mountain. Time well spent, from start to finish. As all good aunts do, I took baby boy a tiny present and of course gave my Mom a mother's day gift and even got the newest mother in the family a little something too. It was a good, good trip.

The condo is coming along. Sweet Evan came over last weekend and helped me hang everything from art to curtains. It's hard climbing up and trying to do it all by yourself. I rewarded him with food. Still quite a ways to go but it's coming together really well!

I started reading The Happiness Project last week. I got through January ("Energy") and then saw February was about marriage so I haven't picked it up since. Ha. But I will get to it. I am in the middle of my own Happiness Project this year, after all... not as in depth or detailed out as hers, but I am checking my boxes for sure. More on Box 3 in about 23 days.

I'm going to see Miranda Lambert on Saturday with my friend Missy and I can't wait!

And that's what's going on around the country! What's happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. Yay for an update. I was starting to get concerned. Seven more days of third grade and I'll be home for two months. I expect daily posts. Not even joking.

    1. Did you think the spiders got me?

      Every DAY? Oh goodness. What pressure!

  2. I am interested to hear your take on the book...i loved half of it and was annoyed by the rest. I want to know what parts you loved/hated/etc!


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