Thursday, May 03, 2012


So far, it's been a really good week. I got some patio furniture and a bed for my guest room, a friend asked me to babysit, which is just what I was hoping would happen now that I am near so many friends and another friend called just to offer use of her beach condo to me next time I need a getaway (so generous!). I have also enjoyed making the gym a priority again. That's box 3 - time to check it. I have a little more work to do with Comcast still, but it hasn't been THAT kind of week. It's been a good, productive one.

Until last night. I had just showered the gym sweat away and put on pajamas when I saw this crawling across my bedroom floor:

Yep. A spider. Not just any spider. A brown one. With a fiddle on its back. A brown freaking recluse. I know this that because I smacked the s*** out of it with my shoe, then bent down really close to inspect what I found.

Well, eff. Who remembers the tale of Erin the hairdresser, who had to vacate her house and leave her stuff behind because she had an infestation?

I came undone. I don't know what I will do if I see another one. Everything has been so perfect, so great, so peaceful about this new place. I left a voicemail for my landlord letting him know what happened and "how he wanted to handle the extermination services." I hope he doesn't laugh at me.

I barely slept last night. Don't think I didn't inspect every centimeter of my bedding before I got in it, but that didn't mean another one wouldn't come get me and lay its babies in my clothes and sofa and then eat me whole ... or something like that. This was me until 8:00 am this morning:

Don't worry. I will get them gone and then everyone come visit... 'kay?


  1. That picture made me spit out my drink! Love the little footie lumps.
    Hope you don't see another spider. I hate it when you see a bug before bed. I feel every little tickle, itch, etc. Drives me insane.

    1. Thanks! I love Microsoft Paint, but this website called Hyperbole and a Half - was my inspiration! Some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen. And nothing deserves a little mood lightening like a post about bugs.

  2. I too love the pics. Cant believe you found a brown recluse. {{shiverrring}}

  3. 1. Love that you drew the bug. Thank you, I really appreciate it.
    2. Hyperbole and a Half is amazing. In fact amazing doesn't even do it justice.
    3. Please keep us update when the landlord responds.
    4. You're drawings made my day
    5. So when are we going to this beach condo?

  4. Let's meet at the beach. I'll bring the wine.


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