Thursday, May 24, 2012


On Saturday, my friend Missy and I went to see Miranda Lambert's concert! Before the show, we met up with some other friends who were having a picnic of sorts at on the rooftop patio of condo near downtown. Pretty friends, pretty view!

The show was great. You know I call the roll at the Miranda Lambert lovers meeting. I've been on her bandwagon for years now! I was so glad she finally came to Nashville on tour. I've seen her live at CMA Fest and the CMA awards but never for a full concert.

While I love every song in her catalogue and enjoyed every song she played, some of my favorite moments from the show were the ones I didn't expect, including:

The surprise appearance by hubby Blake and the little duet that followed:

She began the encore by "bringing it all back to where it started." She tried out for Nashville Star with "Crazy" so she did the song that got her on the show and thus started her career:

the Motown classic "I'm Gonna Wait Til the Midnight Hour" that she first did a few nights ago when they were playing near Memphis;

And of course the finale, when she brought back out EVERYONE (including the opening acts Jerrod Neimann and Chris Young) for "King of the Road" (since they'd been on the road so long). Watch Blake jump out front at the end of this video and take a picture - haha!

Sorry the quality of my videos is so bad! How embarrassing.

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