Sunday, April 15, 2012


Welp. I have to say that my GET STARTED PACKING EARLY strategy is working. I move in six days and I am probably 75% packed, not counting furniture. Mom was here this week (keep reading) and remember how I was the only one in the office on Good Friday? I "traded" that day and took my holiday on Wednesday so I could play with her. We got the entire kitchen packed up. Then yesterday, I knocked out my bathroom, storage closet and bedroom. All I have left is clothes! My labeling method is keeping me sane along with the very practical room by room approach (or zone defense) and I also should mention I have four different lists I carry around with me everywhere so that anytime I think of something to do or pick up or remember, I write it down. But successes aside, my back is starting to feel the pain which is why I am so glad I have movers coming on Saturday. I don't plan to lift a thing!

But enough about that. Mom flew up this week to go to a concert with me. We had fun at the show but the real fun was Wednesday. We got breakfast, I showed her my new place, we ran a few errands and then she helped me clean, and pack, and was so helpful! It was so great to have extra hands to give me a boost. It made me feel like I wasn't totally alone in this overwhelming process. Ha.

Here is a cute picture we took after dinner on Tuesday, walking to the concert.

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