Saturday, April 21, 2012


Woohoo! Coming to you live from my new condo. Guess what? I LOVE IT!

Overall, it was a pretty good day. I have been planning the way it would go for almost three full weeks now, ranging from hiring movers and scheduling Comcast to writing an agenda so I wouldn't forget to do anything when I needed to do it.

Example: the first thing I did when I woke up was strip my bed and wash my sheets. The new place does not have a washer and dryer in it yet so I was bound and determine that not a single thing came over less than clean. You gotta think these things through people... remember those four lists?

First up, however, was breakfast with my uncle, who had SO KINDLY driven up my kitchen table and chairs from their resting spot in my sister's home for the past year. Sorry, table, you won't see anything like that food anytime soon. Much to the table's chagrin, we got everything set up and then ran up to Evan's, where I picked up THIS pretty little gem:

Someone can do more than provide furry bunny fun. I am really, really paraphrasing here, but more than a year ago, Evan saw the dresser:

took it home and turned it into the beautiful piece you see above. It is the PERFECT spot for my TV and other living room type things!

So my uncle and I picked it up and brought it to the new condo where it looks like it was custom made for the place. It looks amazing. After getting things underway, I headed back downtown for the rest of Operation Move.

I finished packing and literally the roll of tape ran out as I was making the very last box. After I was all packed, I started cleaning. Just as I had finished cleaning, the movers called to say they were on their way. I loaded some random things into my car and they showed up around 3. It took them an hour to get the old place empty and I vacuumed us right on out the door, left my keys and followed them south of town. That was my goal: a clean break. Mission, accomplished! It took almost another two hours (hmm) to get everything loaded into the new condo and poof, the hardest part was over.

Comcast was arriving just as the movers were heading out... and so did a visitor! My sweet friend - and new neighbor! - Jamie stopped by with her baby girl, a bottle of wine and some pretty fresh flowers for my condo! I am so thankful for my sweet friends... especially ones that bring vino! Part of the reason I am so excited about this location is all my friends that close by, so expect to hear even more about them!

After Comcast got their work done, I went and got some dinner and have slowly but surely started unpacking, based on necessity of course. Had to find the iron, to iron the bedskirt, before I could make up the bed. Had to find the shower rings, to put up the shower curtain. Had to find the towels and soap to take a shower. Etc. Y'all know the drill. Tomorrow I will knock it out room by room.

The point is: I am moved in, happy as a clam, and tired as can be! Happy times are here again, and hopefully I can find something besides moving to talk about now.


  1. Wow! It sounds like you tackled moving day flawlessly!!! Cant wait to see more pictures! :D

  2. I think you should video a tour of your new place. As a frequent reader {and commenter}, it would be appreciated.

    And also, that piece you got from the rabbit guy? Amazing!

  3. Thanks girls! I might break out the Flip cam and put together a little tour if you really want to see. It's in still in shambles now, though.

    Yes, Evan has a great eye an did a fantastic job. I hope I can be his guinea pig/storage solution for more of his before and afters! :)


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