Sunday, April 08, 2012


Happy Easter! This is the second Easter I have not spent with my family, and the first Easter I have not done so by choice. The wind blew us all different ways this year and that's okay. I will see them, all four of them, soon enough.

So I used the weekend to PACK PACK PACK. T-minus two weeks until the big day. The last time I moved, I feel like it was pretty quick. I hadn't packed a thing when I had to be out. I'm not making that mistake this time. I got about ten boxes from the liquor/wine store and about 40flattened boxes from a Craigslist ad. I borrowed a tape gun and am labeling each box as I go. I've already made some progress, and with 13 days left (including a free weekend), in the words of Kevin McCallister, "I'm in good shape." Exhibit A. I wish that box of Gato Negro was full of Gato Negro, not picture frames.

So I took a break to eat dinner and got a call from Evan. He had a surprise for me. With this kid, it could be anything. Knowing he was on his way home from a party, I was a little disappointed when he said it was not edible, but I told him to come by anyway. Ten minutes later, he shows up at my door with this:

Yes, 2'x3' cage with three tiny baby bunny rabbits in it. The Easter bunnies hath arrived.
I love that last shot. The hare does hair!

Before anyone calls PETA, the bunnies were on loan. I think the first thing I said when he walked in was "I hope those aren't for me." They were adorable but let's get real. Evan borrowed them from one Easter party, to take to another Easter party, and brought them to me on the way. I am so glad he did. They were so sweet and tiny and once they warmed up to us, were hopping all over us. They liked to perch by our necks. We had some good laughs and it was such a nice, random surprise. Only Evan.

Today he joined me at early church and then at brunch with some coworkers. I took a nice long nap since I haven't been to early church since I was in high school, and betcha can't guess what I am doing now? Gotta go - the tape gun is looking lonely!

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