Sunday, March 25, 2012


I went to see Mary Poppins last night! I bought these tickets a month ago with my fingers crossed that this girl
would come up and see it with me. Oh, and bring her adorable baby and husband. Alas, it did not work out this time.

But I still went and had a blast. Aforementioned sister had really talked this show up, saying it was one of her favorites, and she was right. Keep in mind that I have not seen the movie version in years. I did not even recognize half the songs that were in the musical that were originally in the movie (cough "Feed the Birds" cough).

They really pulled out all the stops with the classic songs: "Jolly Holiday" was great, "Supercalifragilistadskfjaasdfascmme" was even better, but my favorite number was "Step In Time." I am a sucker for some tap dancing; no secret there. Bert takes the tap dancing a step further when he attempts to go "over the rooftops." This is a video of the Broadway production (start at 1:00).

I would tell you all to make sure to go see it, but I think the only one of you that it is coming near to anytime soon is Eric. Regardless, see if if you get the chance. You might say the show is "practically perfect in every way!"


  1. I wonder if it will ever be in Atlanta. I would love to see it!!

  2. I loved this show! So much that I actually saw it twice when it came to Charlotte. The cast does a fantastic job. So glad you liked it!

  3. ah! it's coming to memphis next february. you think an almost 4 year old could handle it? step in time is stuck in my head now. :) glad you had fun!!


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